Food Ecosystem Accelerator

Connect to leading food companies to accelerate your idea!

What’s the story

We want to enable next-generation food business
Need for Innovation

Currently the agri-food sector is not fully supportive for radical innovation to thrive and scale. We want to enable entrepreneurs to have access to all the resources they need.
Joined Forces

InnoLeaps and the Youth Food Movement organize the Food Ecosystem Accelerator to develop, grow and activate the food innovation ecosystem.
Organise the Ecosystem

The Food Ecosystem Accelerator will bring together talent, startups, corporates and more to activate a support system for innovation in agri-food.


Kick-off Event

Food Ecosystem Accelerator – 17 March 2016

During the Food Hack Weekend on 10-12 June, 10 winning teams work with expert food & startup mentors from InnoLeaps and the Youth Food Movement to develop their ideas further. Using Lean Startup methodologies the teams transform their ideas into scaleable propositions. The teams in the Food Hack Weekend range from early-stage startups to advanced SMEs, all with the ambition to radically innovate the agri-food sector.

On Friday,  Willem Treep, CEO of Willem&Drees and Beebox, will provide valuable inspiration and insights during his keynote speech. After that immediately the deep-dive workshops will follow.

On Saturday is all about training and working, including going out of the building to talk to customers.

On Sunday, they pitch to the jury on Sunday 12 June. Teams will receive intensive mentoring and loads of workshops on, for example, customer development, experiment design, and pitch training.

Our jury:

André Knol, Co-Founder at InnoLeaps
Wilco Schoonderbeek, Senior Investment Manager at PPM Oost
Michiel Klompenhouwer, Manager Food & Agri Business at Rabobank
Elies Lemkes-Straver, General Director at ZLTO
Manon Klein, Programme Manager at DOEN Foundation

Everyone is welcome to join this pitch event!

Attend Pitch Event

There are more than enough food start-ups in the Netherlands. Having an idea is not so difficult. It’s about perseverance and scaling up. What is it that will make your business a success?

Willem Trees, Founder Willem&Drees

On 17 March 2016, we kicked off the Open Food Challenge. Startups, corporates and the public are now invited to submit innovative ideas for a better food future. So don’t hesitate to submit your own idea for a unique chance to work with leading companies and experts in the food industry.


Here’s where we will have impact

Food Tech & Data

Personalization, traceability, smart devices. These are just some of the ways in which cross-fertilization between IT and Food can deliver breakthrough value to consumers. Think of IBM Watson that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized recipes based on your needs, diet pattern and the groceries you have left in your home.

Food Delivery & Commerce

Drone delivery, high-tech packaging, smart kitchens. Traditional food logistics is disrupted by a large number of breakthrough technologies coming from both pure players and startups. Staying ahead in innovation means understanding how to create, deliver and capture value in radically new ways.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Circularity, collaboration, trust. Becoming an early mover in truly sustainable business models builds competences that are hard to match by competitors, helps attract talent of the new generation and overall drives innovation. Green washing is no longer enough. It is time food business becomes truly socially responsible.

InnoLeaps, the innovator and accelerator for corporates, helps multinationals like Philips, Vodafone, Rabobank and Ahold to become more innovative and launch new business propositions faster, at a lower cost and with a greater chance of success.

The Youth Food Movement has helped food companies like Cono Kaasmakers, World Animal Protection and LaPlace deal with a changing innovation landscape. Also, it has an extensive network across the entire food supply chain.